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Where to Buy a Home in San Francisco for the Money You Want to Spend

Where to Buy a HOUSE for under $1 millionThe overall median HOUSE price in the city in 2016 was $1,325,000, so the under-million-dollar house is becoming increasingly rare. For context, in 2011, 75% of San Francisco’s house sales were below $1,000,000; that percentage has dropped to 24% to 26% (depending on how one is measuring). The vast majority of house sales in this price segment now occur in a large swath of neighborhoods running across the southern border of the city,

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San Francisco Home Price Maps

San Francisco Bay Area
Median House Sales Prices in 2016

Median prices almost always conceal large disparities in the prices of the underlying individual sales: In San Francisco for example, median house prices by neighborhood range from $600,000 to $6,000,000. There will be similar disparities in Oakland and San Jose, and even within smaller towns and cities as well: Values can change street by street and block by block. Median sales prices are generalities.

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