Drew Becher

San Francisco Real Estate Professional

After an amazing career in Government and running some of the the most influential non profits on the East Coast I decided to follow my passion and my love and get into the world of real estate. My prior career had taken me from Chicago were I was instrumental in transforming that city into on the greenest and most beautiful cities in the country. To my next stop Washington DC where I was the Deputy of Urban Planning and Design. I then went on to New York City where I ran the New York Restoration Project.

Working with Bette Midler the founder of the organization and Michael Bloomberg to create the most innovative and successful tree planting program in the country, Million Trees NYC. Today it is the only city that has planted a million trees. I then ran the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. One of America’s go to greening organization and the host of the largest Flower Show in the country, Bringing 250,000 people to Philadelphia over 9 days.

All of these organizations are complex and require attention to detail and a commitment like no other to make them successful. That’s what I bring to the world of Real Estate. With my background in Urban Planning and my understanding of cities to be at the forefront.

I also like to have fun and have a great sense of humor!

  • I bring a team of Real Estate Professionals
  • Experience in renovation
  • Experience in design
  • Member San Francisco Association of Realtors
  • Member California Association of Realtors
  • Member National Association of Realtors
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